Caring For a Cherry Entertainment Center

You’ve just purchased a cherry entertainment center that you love, but with a few nicks and scratches, it needs a little TLC to return the cherry wood to its original state. Learning how to restore and maintain it will help it last for many years to come.

Restore Your Cherry Entertainment Center

If you buy a brand new entertainment center, then restoring it won’t be an issue. However, if you found a piece of cherry furniture that is a little beat up, but would make a great TV stand, here are some tips to get it back to tip-top shape.

Clean It

The first thing you’ll need to do for your new entertainment center is get rid of any built up dust or grime. Give it a once over with a damp, soft cloth and a mild soap made for wood, such as Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Cracks and Scratches

Extremes in temperature and humidity cause any wood to expand and contract, often creating cracks in the wood, while scratches are simply inevitable. The following are a couple tricks you can use to fix wood entertainment centers:

* Use humidity to your advantage by putting some water in the crack or large scratch. Cover it with a soft cloth then press down on the cloth with a warm iron until the water evaporates. This causes the wood to expand and fill in the empty space.

* For minor scratches in cherry wood, fixing them can be as easy as applying darkened iodine or a red shoe polish. Rub it into the scratch with a soft cloth and watch the scratch disappear.


Stains in wood entertainment centers can be caused by many things: rings left by glasses, burns or spills. These stains can often be fixed by using items found right in your home. Rub mayonnaise or butter (anything oily) into the stain and let it sit overnight. When you wipe it away, the stain in your cherry wood should be gone. For burns, try using toothpaste.

Preserve the Beauty of Your Entertainment Center
Once you’ve gotten rid of any nasty scratches or stains, and your cherry wood is looking beautiful, you’ll want to make sure it stays that way.


Cleaning it often with a mild soap will help your entertainment center maintain its natural luster, but it’s also a good idea to polish it periodically. For cherry wood, use a lemon oil polish or a linseed oil.


Liquid in general is never good for any kind of wood entertainment center, so when a spill happens, make sure you clean it up quickly to avoid a stain. If a stain does appear, follow the steps mentioned earlier to keep it from staying in the wood.


You can’t control the weather outside, but you do have some control over what happens in your home. Keep your entertainment center out of direct sunlight and don’t place it in front of anything that might dry it out, such as a fireplace or a radiator. If you do live in an area with extremes in humidity levels, consider purchasing a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on your needs.

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Entertaining Out of Town Guests With Dinner & Entertainment Restaurants

When you have guests coming to Los Angeles to visit, you can have a wonderful evening that offers both dinner & entertainment in the same location. There are many different sorts of entertainment to choose from with these fabulous fine dining restaurants.

A murder mystery evening is a fun way to entertain your out of town guests. Some of the restaurants offer dinner and some great live entertainment where you become the suspect in an exciting murder mystery. These dinners are a wonderful time for those who enjoy trying to decipher clues and figure out who the killer really is in a homicide investigation. These restaurants will also offer weekend packages for a fun filled weekend of mayhem and murder.

A Jazz bar and grill is another great choice for some dinner & entertainment while you are enjoying the city. There are some fabulous restaurants that feature fine gourmet foods with some cool jazz playing in the background. There are a number of restaurants in the Los Angeles area that feature music while dining and this is a wonderful way to introduce your guests to the city.

You don’t have to love jazz to hear some great music while enjoying some dinner & entertainment in Los Angeles. There is a wide variety of musical styles and types to suit any taste in music. Many of the restaurants will feature entertainment that is a part of the culture that influences the cuisine in the restaurant.

Check with the restaurants early to make sure that you can get a reservation at your chosen dinner & entertainment restaurant. It may be difficult to get in to some of these restaurants if a special event or performance is scheduled. Most restaurants will provide a calendar on their website where you can get information on upcoming events to plan your night on the town with your out of town guests.

There are also a number of restaurants that are in close proximity to entertainment venues. You can plan an evening of fine dining and entertainment by visiting any of these outstanding restaurants.
Los Angeles is home to some of the most unusual and luxurious restaurants in the world. The best chefs in the world practice their art in the city of Los Angeles and those looking for a unique dining experience are sure to find it in this entertainment packed city. The talents of many world famous chefs are available to you in this spectacular part of the country.

The variety of cuisine in Los Angeles is amazing. Italian from the various regions of Italy, Japanese, Mediterranean, Latin, Indian and French are only a few of the different types of cuisine you will have at your fingertips in this city. When planning your evening of dinner & entertainment, enjoy the talent of the chef and the entertainment on the stage in the many fine establishments in the Los Angeles area. These restaurants are best equipped to give your out of town guests a night that they will never forget.

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Tips on Hiring a Party Entertainer

If you are thinking about hiring a party entertainer then there are some things that you should keep in mind. The right entertainment can be the perfect complement to a party. A clown for a children’s birthday party or a string quartet for a black tie party can really set the mood. Whatever kind of party or entertainment you have in mind, the basics of what to do and what to ask are the same. Here are some tips for hiring entertainment for your party.

The first place to look for party entertainment is to ask around for a great recommendation. If your child comes home from a birthday party and raved about the magician, then get the name from the host. Also ask the host what they thought of the entertainer. Take a note of the bad recommendations too.

Make an appointment with the entertainer to discuss your party and get to know them. Have a list of questions including cost, services offered, and how much experience they have. Get a list of references from them. This is a great time to see what type of person they are and whether or not you click with them. Ask if you can view them performing at an upcoming event.

Take some time to call their references. Ask them how the performance was and what their guests thought. You should also check with the Better Business Bureau too.

Sign a contract with the entertainer that is very detailed. Make sure that the compensation agreed upon is listed as well as what services the performer is providing and for how long. The contract should also list the time, place, and date for the performance. This is also a great time to add a clause for a no show or cancellations.

Hiring a party entertainer should be a breeze with these tips. It will definitely add an extra element to your party.

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Finding Agencies For Corporate Event Entertainment Content

Have you run a search for corporate event entertainment on the Internet thinking you were going to have an easy time finding one to fit your company holiday party? Perhaps you were looking for a little unwind time with the team and do some team building after a hectic and grueling work season that never seemed to slow down? Thought you could relax while you picked up the closest agency that sponsored corporate entertainment? Think again. Run a search and you could find thousands of agencies that would love to book your corporate team challenge or social evening out. The problem may be that you have more to make up for once it is all over.

As in any event you need to make sure to pick an agency that has the experience and the professionalism that can cater to your event. With the state of the economy these days just about anyone is desperate for work and will try to sell their company as experienced.

The best way to check out the local agency is to find an event that they are putting on and attend for yourself. Just as if you were planning a wedding or another once in a blue moon event. The agencies booking these events usually want you to come and check out a venue or two that they have booked so that you have complete confidence in your selection. With that, they are also protecting themselves knowing that you will both be happy with the entertainment provided.

Another important aspect to look for if you are trying to find corporate event entertainment is to check out the selection of entertainers that they have and would be able to provide. If the selection is slim either they do not have the experience they are boasting about or there is a reason entertainers are not signing on with them.

Finally, which goes without saying is check the references of the agency and the corporate event entertainment that you may have already focused on. This can be the greatest recommendation and the truest prediction of how your event will be handled. Compare apples to apples. Your type of corporation with the type of entertainment with the venue. Make sure the agency you are working with can provide credible references for you to get the most of this hopefully relaxing and entertaining function for your company.

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Some Issues in the Entertainment World That Require Legal Help

When most people picture the work of an attorney, they probably imagine someone standing in front of a jury trying to convince twelve men and women, using strong facts and emotion, to see their way on a particular case. Thanks to television and movies, this characterization of a lawyer certainly is reasonable. And, there are amazing trial lawyers who do spend their careers in a courtroom arguing on behalf of their clients. The reality is, though, that the overwhelming amount of work that falls to most attorneys is done far from the spotlight created by a public trial. Instead, the men and women of the legal profession usually work behind the scenes to protect the professions, reputations, and finances of those for whom they work. Such is the case with the attorneys that practice entertainment law, and in Texas the need for such lawyers is found for a diverse set of circumstances within the many creative fields that find a home in our state.

Entertainment law covers a wide spectrum of issues that affect people who are in some way involved with the arts. Clients requiring the services of an entertainment attorney can include athletes, actors, singers, songwriters, producers and anyone else who uses their talents for enjoyment by the public. Just think about all of the ways in which someone in the field of entertainment would require legal protection. There is a constant threat to one’s reputation courtesy of disgruntled workers and paparazzi. Imagine if someone like Angelina Jolie and now Jon or Kate Gosselin had to address all of the tabloid rumors themselves. Also, there is the need to make sure that an actor will receive his due not only when a television show first airs, but when it lives on through syndication and DVD sales. With new technologies capturing movies and television programs in ways not anticipated just a few years ago, actors are eager to renegotiate contracts for future compensation. Or, suppose you are a serious artist whose paintings hang on the most respected galleries in Austin, Houston, San Antonio or Dallas. Do you want your artwork to be copied and then mass-produced onto t-shirts to be worn by every teenager in Texas? Through copyright laws, entertainment attorneys can protect your images so that they are used only in the context that you desire.

While there is no shortage of entertainment of any type in Texas, there are two areas that are of particular importance in our state. We have an amazing music industry in Texas, with Austin especially being known for its cultivation of talent. Singers, songwriters, music producers, record label owners-all have significant investment in the talent that is being packaged. Artist recording contracts must be written to determine a singer’s ties to a record label as well as the freedom he or she will have in the creative process. What if another artist loves your work and wants to integrate it into his own new recording? Attorneys will be needed to prepare the necessary licenses for music sampling. And, even though the singers who appear on stage in sold-out arenas and find themselves in heavy rotation on the weekly video countdown are the ones who usually get the glory for a great song, songwriters need to know that their work is being validated both financially and with due recognition when appropriate.

In addition to the wonderful music that Texans offer the rest of the world, everyone knows that the residents of our great state love their sports. Whether we are cheering on our favorite high school team under the lights on a Friday night or welcoming home the most famous cyclist on the planet from yet another improbable victory, we have an appreciation for athletes and the value that they bring to our recreational time. With this emphasis engrained on kids throughout the Lone Star State, it is no surprise that we have more than our share of athletes raised in our state. Also, great athletes come to Texas from around the country to play for one of our many professional organizations. All of these men and women need contracts to ensure that they are fairly compensated for their contributions to the sport of their choice. Over the course of a career, it is not unlikely that an athlete will need an attorney to assist with disputes involving agents, managers, or players’ associations. We all have seen the news stories detailing what happens when salary negotiations break down or a player doesn’t feel he is getting the time of the field that he deserves. What about the opportunities for income that may present themselves away from the sports venue? When you see Dale Earnhardt, Jr. endorsing Wrangler Jeans or Tiger Woods speaking of the great virtues of Gatorade, you can be sure that lawyers were involved in the negotiations for these partnerships.

Men and women who choose to pursue a career within the entertainment industry will almost certainly find the need for legal representation at some point. Even with the smoothest of professional experiences, entertainers must deal with such necessary acts as signing contracts, preparing a tour schedule, and lending their image to others seeking an endorsement. When problems arise, the issues are often magnified through the lens of celebrity and an aggressive and dedicated Entertainment law attorney is required. When an artist or athlete is not getting properly compensated, when efforts are made to extort money in return for tantalizing information that may or may not be true, or when injuries occur due to inappropriate working conditions, the role of the entertainment lawyer becomes even more imperative.

Due to its flourishing music scene and renowned athletic traditions, as well as efforts being made by our state to attract more movie production (notwithstanding Michigan and Louisiana), Texas easily can place itself among states like California and New York that perhaps are the most obvious locations in which entertainment law is prolific. If you live or work in Texas and have a connection to some aspect of an entertainment-related industry, you should make the retention of an attorney a top priority. When an issue develops that may affect your livelihood or even your very well-being, you will be able to take action immediately.

Tony R. Bertolino is the managing partner at Bertolino LLP with law offices located in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas. A member of the Trial and Appellate Litigation Team, Mr. Bertolino’s practice is devoted largely to complex transactions, commercial litigation, business law, entertainment law and family law matters. You can read more about Mr. Bertolino at

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